Sunday, June 15


This will officially end our PHIL COLLINS-palooza. I promise. Cross my heart. Hope to die. Cherry on top.

These tracks were recorded 5-11 years after PETER GABRIEL jumped ship, but the picture above was simply too irresistible to... um... resist. Who knew that Mr. Gabriel once had bigger (read: "worse") hair issues than Mr. Collins? Damned unsettling....

[MP3] "Abacab" [1981]

MP3] "Home By the Sea" [1983]

MP3] "No Reply at All" [1981]

MP3] [VID] "Misunderstanding" [1980]

MP3] [VID] "That's All" [1983]

MP3] "Turn It on Again" [1980]

MP3] [VID] "Land of Confusion" [1986]

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Dan said...

Nothing at all wrong with mid-career Genesis.