Sunday, June 29



MP3] "Out of Time" [1988]

MP3] "Standing Still" [1991]

MP3] "How to Quit" [2004]

MP3] "Same Changes" [1994]

MP3] "Love is Not Lost" [1987]


Austin said...

She was still going by Leslie Phillips (her real name) in 1987 when "Love Is Not Lost" was originally released as Christian pop by Myrrh Records.

That's my 2 cents....

molotov said...

Very true. Though it was also re-released in 1997 under the name "Sam Phillips." (Your 2 cents + my 2 cents = .009% of a gallon of gas! What's say we go for a drive. From the front of the garage to the back.)

shanliusw said...

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