Sunday, June 1


Continued & concluded from last Sunday's Part 1....

[A Quick Note #1: Three of the songs below are taken from the Chairman of the Board's 1969 LP MY WAY. I must admit to a certain nostalgic attachment to that particular album, seeing as it was one that my father owned on vinyl. As I kid, I used to go down to the basement and crank that thing. For the title track, primarily, but "A Day in the Life of a Fool" had a very cool vibe (and melody), and "If You Go Away" proves that big boys do cry, especially after getting kicked in the teeth with a perfumed stiletto.]

[A Quick Note #2: If I had any sense of decency whatsoever, I would have Frank's other duet with his daughter, "Somethin' Stupid," here instead of "Life's a Trippy Thing." But, turns out, the latter track is priceless in its awfulness. Ding-a-ling (giggle, giggle). Sheesh! What were those two smoking when they recorded that one?]


MP3] "My Way" [1969]

MP3] "Luck Be a Lady" [1964]

MP3] "A Day in the Life of a Fool" [1969]

MP3] "(How Little It Matters) How Little We Know" [1963]

MP3] "If You Go Away" [1969]

MP3] "Life's a Trippy Thing" [w/NANCY SINATRA] [1967]

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