Sunday, October 22


As Tall as Lions are a band from New York City. The band members' first names are Dan, Saen [sic], Cliff, and Julio. And that's about all that I know about them. (They have neglected to include a "biography" section on their website, you see.)

(And their best-known song -- across the blogs, anyway -- goes by "Ghosts of York" on their MySpace page and "Ghost of York" on the CD itself. Kind of lazy and sloppy there, boys.)

Oct 25 6:00P/Irving Plaza/New York, NY
Oct 27 6:00P/St Andrews Detroit, MI
Oct 28 6:00P/Peabody's/Cleveland, OH
Oct 29 6:00P/The Metro/Chicago, IL
Oct 30 6:00P/Fine Line/Minneapolis, MN
Nov 1 8:00P/Bluebird Theatre/Denver, CO

[MP3] "Ghost of York"

[MP3] "Where Do I Stand?"

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