Tuesday, October 3


I really can't imagine that anyone who regularly visits MP3 blogs doesn't know exactly who and what the Decemberists are by now. Sure, I could give you a bio on Colin Meloy & Co., but what would be the point? You already know their history or you don't. Or you don't give a damn. You either love the Decemberists' music or you hate it. Or maybe you're on the fence. You find Mr. Meloy's lyrics smart and literate or obscure and precious. His voice makes you smile (you get the joke) or cringe (you think his voice is a joke). You consider his band the American Belle and Sebastian and that's a good thing in your book or you consider his band the American Belle and Sebastian and you'd just as soon burn that book. Right along with the Decemberists' new album, The Crane Wife, which is out on Capitol today -- to be loved, hated, or ignored. Do as you will.

Oct 17 8:00P/Crystal Ballroom/Portland, OR
Oct 18 8:00P/Crystal Ballroom/Portland, OR
Oct 19 8:00P/Warfield Theater/San Francisco, CA
Oct 20 8:00P/Warfield Theater/San Francisco, CA
Oct 21 8:00P/Wiltern Theater/Los Angeles, CA
Oct 22 8:00P/Rialto Theater/Tucson, AZ
Oct 24 8:00P/Stubbs/Austin, TX
Oct 25 8:00P/Gypsy Ballroom/Dallas, TX
Oct 26 8:00P/House of Blues/New Orleans, LA

From the LP The Crane Wife, 2006 >>>
[MP3] "Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)"
[MP3] "The Perfect Crime #2"

From the LP Picaresque, 2005 >>>
[MP3] "We Both Go Down Together"
[MP3] "Eli, the Barrowboy"

From the LP Her Majesty, 2003 >>>
[MP3] "Billy Liar"

From the EP 5 Songs, 2003 >>>
[MP3] "Shiny"

From the LP Castaways and Cutouts, 2002 >>>
[MP3] "July, July!"
[MP3] "The Legionnaire's Lament"

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JunkiePop said...

i really liked the other one, this one has too many long time running songs and too many deep purple organs..