Wednesday, October 25


I was all cuckoo-for-Coco-Puffs over Paul Brill's "Paris is On" back in August. And I still am. For me, it's a standout.

The album featuring that particular song, Harpooner, won't drop till November 21, but you can pre-order it right [here], right now. Also, for you New Yorkers, there will be a CD release party at
Joe's Pub at 7 PM this Thursday night. Essie Jain will be specially guesting.

The Paul Brill song we offer today isn't as accessible as "Paris is On," but it has a drunken-lurch, mariachi-band, broken-music-box charm all its own. Call it "shabby chic."

Paul Brill on MySpace.

From the LP Harpooner [11.21.06] >>>
[MP3] "Don't Tell Them"


[MP3] "Paris is On"

[MP3] "Paris is On" [Pinto remix]

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