Monday, October 23


Hits in the Car has been banging the drum not-so-slowly (or softly) for the Danish band moi Caprice for quite some time now. An investigation seemed in order.

Said investigation led me first (natch) to the band's
MySpace page, where the songs "My Girl You Blush" and "Drama Queen" sounded very promising. Alas, at 96 kbps, they also sounded very inadequate in the sound-quality department. Thankfully, through the wonders of electronic mail and it's-a-small-world-after-all free marketing, I was soon in touch with the band and requesting -- all Oliver Twist-like -- just a little bit "more."

And Moi Caprice stepped up to the plate -- sending me good-quality copies of both tracks -- and I thank them for their generosity. More importantly, I thank them for composing and performing a couple of top-notch pop songs. Ever since I was but a wee lad, I've been a sucker for lush, orchestral pop with a sense of drama and grandeur, and this band seems to work this area quite nicely. On "Drama Queen," the chiming guitar evokes the Swedish band Kent (as well as a bit of old-school Cure and Smiths), and the lead singer's helium-croon-to-the-moon on the chorus bears resemblance to Tim Booth of James. (And are those shades of a certain Alphaville "classic" that I hear toward the end of "My Girl You Blush"?)

Moi Caprice's third album, The Art of Kissing Properly, will be released in Denmark on November 13 on
Glorious Records. The rest of us melancholy non-Danes will have to wait till spring. But here's a silver-lining of sorts: my investigation into the band also led me to stumble upon the rather snazzy Indiepop Spinzone and its accompanying Popsicle Shop -- which offers Scandinavian releases to we sad sacks stuck here on the other side of the Atlantic. You will find both of moi Caprice's first two albums available for sale there, as well as some special extras.

Those of you eventually destined for Denmark can listen to the band up-close and in-person at such times and places as follows...

Nov 30 8:00P/Studenterhuset/Aarhus
Dec 1 8:00P/Studenterhuset/Aalborg
Dec 2 8:00P/Vega/Copenhagen

From the LP You Can't Say No Forever, 2005 >>>
[MP3] "My Girl You Blush"

From the upcoming LP The Art of Kissing Properly, 2006/2007 >>>
[MP3] "Drama Queen" [single edit]

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