Monday, October 2


[My determination to make this a bright, "golden" day is suffering some setbacks. While it was supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny today, it is, in fact, in the upper 50s and raining steadily. Gloomy Monday. Also, it's so sad and soul-crushing to see that Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) has had to check himself into alcohol rehab, a la Mel Gibson. Huh. Blame Jews for all the world's wars, check into rehab. Ask an underage boy about his masturbatory habits, check into rehab. What're the odds that George Michael is next on this list?]

The Golden Dogs dropped their second album, Big Eye Little Eye, in August. I don't know a hell of a lot about these folks, but they're Canadian, so I know that they're a cool and courteous lot with a deadpan sense of humor and a love of moose. Actually, I don't know that any of that is true, but it seems a safe bet (and saves me from having to do anything resembling research).

One thing I DO know: vocalists Dave Azzolini and Jessica Grassia are not just collaborators in the musical-sense (unless, sometime since the band's founding in 2000, they've broken up, a la White Stripes). I also know that Azzolini has a decidedly "old-time" rock voice. Not sure what it reminds me of, exactly. Three Dog Night? Hell, I don't know [and I just can't seem to shake this depression re: the Tigers, the rain, Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL)...]. Anyway, re: the Golden Dogs, just think late '60s/early '70s garage rock (by way of the Beatles) (and moose).

Heading to Canada to celebrate the start of hockey season? Well, why not hop yourself up on Labatt Blue and catch the Golden Dogs at one or more of the following locales...

Oct 6 9:00P/POP Montreal Festival @ Hemisphere Gauche/Montreal
Oct 18 10:00P/Baba's Lounge/Charlottetown, PEI
Oct 19 10:00P/The Capital Bar/Fredericton, NB
Oct 20 10:00P/Elwoods.Saint John, NB
Oct 21 9:00P/Halifax Pop Explosion @ Stage Nine/Halifax, NS

[MP3] "Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five"

[MP3] "Runouttaluck"

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