Saturday, October 21


The Bishops are a young trio from the UK consisting of twin brothers Mike and Pete Bishop and drummer Chris McConville. Their debut EP will be released in the U.S. by I Am Sound on November 14.

These guys are almost absurdly beholden to '60s British Invasion acts -- perhaps most especially the Kinks and early Beatles. Whether they'll eventually outgrow their influences and develop into something all their own is something only time will tell. But, young as they are, they have energy to burn and all the time in the world.

The Bishops on

Oct 21 8:00P/The Standard/Walthamstow, London
Oct 25 8:00P/Kings College Uni (with The Grates)/London
Oct 28 8:00P/Frog @ Mean Fiddler/London
Nov 14 8:00P/Kings College Uni (with Dogs)/London
Nov 16 8:00P/Leadmill/Sheffield
Nov 17 8:00P/Town Hall/Selby

[MP3] "In the Night"

[MP3] "The Only Place I Can Look is Down"

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