Friday, October 20


Chicago's Bound Stems make music that's generally "messier" than I prefer. But these two songs here don't scare me too terribly much....

Oct 20 9:00P/The Night Owl (16+)/Dayton, OH
Oct 21 8:00P/Mercury Lounge/New York, NY
Oct 22 8:00P/The Middle East (18+)/Boston, MA
Oct 23 9:00P/The Grog Shop/Cleveland, OH
Oct 24 8:00P/Alchemize/Cincinatti, Ohio
Oct 26 9:00P/10 High/Atlanta, GA
Oct 27 8:00P/Relative Theory Records/Norfolk, VA
Oct 28 8:00P/DAM! Festival @ DC9/Washington, DC

From the LP Appreciation Night, 2006 >>>
[MP3] "Refuse the Refuse"

From the EP The Logic of Building the Body Plan, 2005 >>>
[MP3] "My Kingdom for a Trundle Bed"

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