Friday, October 27


I'd better offer up a couple of songs now, in case the Tigers lose their series tonight. That will piss me off. That will cause me not to care whether I post songs tonight or not.

I included the
Sunshine Underground song "Panic Attack" on my Best of September mix. Below, find two more songs from their second album, Raise the Alarm. They're currently promoting the hell out of that thing in their native UK.

The Sunshine Underground on

The Sunshine Underground promoting-the-hell >>>

Oct 27 8:00P/Oxjam @ Manhattan Bar/Bristol
Oct 28 1:00P/Virgin Megastore - In-store & Signing/Bristol
Oct 30 10:00A/'Commercial Breakdown' Release Date/Available in all good record shops (and some bad ones)

Oct 30 5:00P/HMV - In-store & Signing/Manchester
Oct 30 8:00P/Academy 2/Manchester
Nov 1 5:00P/HMV - In-store & Signing/Leeds
Nov 1 8:00P/Metropolitan University/Leeds

[MP3] "Put You In Your Place"

[MP3] "Commercial Breakdown"


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Anonymous said...

sigh, might be time to turn off anonymous comments soon me thinks. Our forums get this bad but we have moderators at hand to throttle them when they show their faces.

Anonymous said...

Btw - loving these tracks!