Thursday, October 12


Right off, we're thrown. Seattle's the Purrs, you see, are simply not named right. A band called the Purrs should be a girl-group -- young, sassy, sexy when they wanna be, legs & pits left brazenly unshaven when they just can't be bothered to give a shit. Think: the Go-Go's crossing paths with the Slits. The Bangles crossing paths with Bikini Kill. The average, horny man crossing paths in the average, dark alley with Loreena Bobbitt and Aileen Wuornos.

But Seattle's the Purrs aren't a girl-group; they're four guys (and one girl, newly added, but can she simultaneously dance and castrate?). These folks are constantly compared to Galaxie 500 and the Verve and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Fair? Sure. Even the lead singer (Jima) says so. But there's also Calexico, Ennio Morricone, and Dick Dale caught indolent and indisposed in an opium den ("Get on With Your Life") and the Velvet Underground + the Rolling Stones in slow, dark, foreboding mode ("Taste of Monday").

These songs (+ 7 more) are available on the Purrs' s/t album that became available in Sept. on
Sarathan Records.

The Purrs on MySpace.

The Purrs in TX and elsewhere >>>

Oct 14 8:00P/Trophy's/Austin, TX
Oct 15 8:00P/Engine Room/Houston, TX
Oct 16 8:00P/Flipnotics/Austin, TX
Oct 18 8:00P/Vaudeville Cabaret/Tucson, AZ
Oct 19 8:00P/Spaceland/Los Angeles, CA
Oct 20 8:00P/Rickshaw Stop/San Francisco, CA
Oct 21 9:00P/Dante's/Portland, OR
Nov 4 8:00P/High Dive/Seattle, WA

[MP3] "Get on With Your Life"

[MP3] "Taste of Monday"

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