Monday, October 2


[Well, it's been a veritable school-shootings-palooza of late -- putting yet another dent in today's efforts to be bright and "golden." But can you believe that they're pulling this stuff in Canada and Amish country now? I mean, Colorado, sure -- this sort of thing's going to be figuring into their license-plate slogans soon enough. But Montreal? Lancaster County, PA? Where the hell's Harrison Ford and Lukas Haas when you need them?]

Goldenboy is the Elliott Smith-inspired moniker taken up by L.A. singer/songwriter Shon Sullivan. Along with his drummer/percussionist buddy, Bryan Bos, Sullivan makes laid-back indie folk-pop that's pretty and serene in the extreme. You'll hear the Elliott Smith influence in "Summertime" (below), as well as Morrissey and "To the End"/"Best Days"-era Blur in "Motorbike."

Goldenboy's new album, Underneath the Radio, will be released tomorrow by
Eenie Meenie Records. Guests on the record include Lisa Germano, Neil Finn (Crowded House), Matt Sharp (Weezer, the Rentals), and Scott McPherson (Sense Field).

Finally, Goldenboy will be playing a live internet set tomorrow night at 8 PM on
Music Plus TV. Check out their MySpace page for further info.

From the LP Underneath the Radio, 2006 >>>
[MP3] "Motorbike"
[MP3] "End of Forever"

From the LP Blue Swan Orchestra, 2002 >>>
[MP3] "Summertime"

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