Thursday, October 26


Nerina Pallot is a young, attractive popstress from Great Britain. Her second LP, Fires, was originally released in 2005 and has garnered some good reviews in her home country. On the two songs below, you'll hear influences of Tori Amos and Heather Nova ("Idaho"), as well as Fiona Apple ("Geek Love"). Which is to say: this is music that could appear to good effect in any number of touchy-feely TV dramas -- to underscore the "significant scene" or the "momentous montage." It's not quite wallpaper; not quite not.

Nerina Pallot on

Nov 13 8:00P/Olympia/Dublin
Nov 14 8:00P/Spring & Airbrake/Belfast
Nov 16 8:00P/Trinity Arts Centre/Bristol
Nov 19 8:00P/ABC/Glasgow
Nov 20 8:00P/Lemon Tree/Aberdeen
Nov 21 8:00P/Tyne Theatre/Newcastle
Nov 22 8:00P/Academy 2/Manchester

[MP3] "Idaho"

[MP3] "Geek Love"


Roland said...

Nice pick! You've gotta hear her on Delerium's "Truly." Definitely check that out.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Geek Love is sweet. Tempted to try out some of her other work. On my check out list. Thanks!

- HullBreach

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that on blogger I've found people who've actually heard of Nerina Pallot's music. None of my friends have!! Fantastic page, by the way.

Erect Now said...

I think that she is one of the best England singer , I went to the Ireland tour took place in January and February 2007, taking in venues in Penzance, Bristol, Cambridge and Milton Keynes, so I love her music and all her albums!22dd