Thursday, October 5


[My time is short today, but I do not wish to leave you tuneless. Thus, I must regrettably resort to plagiarizing myself...]

"For today's offerings, we once again travel to the Kingdom of Sweden -- enchanted land of Saabs and ABBA. Smorgasbords. Socialism. Suicide. And such pretty, pretty people that Hitler secretly dreamed he was Swede."

"The band Kent formed in the early '90s, released their first record in 1995, and have been big sellers in their home country since at least 1997. Alas, they are little known in North America, no doubt getting lost amongst the countless other one-word, post-Radiohead types (Travis, Coldplay, Doves, Elbow, Paloalto, Starsailor, Muse, etc.). Muse may well be the most accurate comparison, though Kent is generally more mellow; their singer less prone to shrieky hysterics. Also, Kent sing most of their songs in Swedish, so be forewarned."

From the EP Hjarta & Smarta, 2005 >>>
[MP3] "Ansgar Och Evelyne"

From the LP Vappen & Ammunition, 2002 >>>
[MP3] "FF"


[MP3] "Nalens Oga" [2006]


Anonymous said...

Great Map Travel ideas for you.. Check it out

stytzer said...

Best band in the world!!!!