Wednesday, October 4


One of my favorite discoveries in recent weeks is the Long Island, NY band Nightmare of You and their 2005 self-titled debut LP. This is pretty much straight-up pop-punk (with perhaps some stray echoes of emo). Lo-fi, it isn't. These guys are utterly unafraid of the over-the-top chorus or the been-done-before-but-it's-new-to-them hook. They take a certain amount of shit from some quarters for hewing a little too close to the Smiths and the Cure, but I'm not sure that those are the first groups that come to mind when I listen to them.

Regardless, I'm a sucker for unabashedly exuberant pop hooks (even those of the "been-done-before" variety), which may be why I chose to include two Nightmare of You songs on my recent "Best of September" mix. Here are two more...

[MP3] "In the Bathroom is Where I Want You"

[MP3] "The Days Go By Oh So Slow"

Nightmare of You on

Nightmare of You on tour...

Oct 4 9:00P/Knitting Factory/New York, NY
Oct 5 9:00P/Bill's Bar - Paper (Brandon DJ Set)/Boston, MA
Oct 6 8:00P/Middle East (downstairs)/Boston, MA
Nov 3 7:30P/Landmark on Main Street/Port Washington, NY


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