Wednesday, October 4


Wolfmusic isn't a record label, nor is it the latest next-big-thing band with "Wolf" in its name. It is, in fact, just a guy from Europe who enjoys writing and playing music -- low-key, bedroom-type music -- as inspired by some of his favorite artists. Radiohead and R.E.M. are two of those artists. Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens are two more.

On the track "Where I Wanna Be," in particular, Mr. Wolf's low, raspy baritone reminds me ever-so-slightly of Steen Jorgensen, lead singer for the Danish band Sort Sol (with just a touch of Gordon Lightfoot in full-on seafaring mode). For the most part, though, these are slow, dark, "horizontal" tunes that press on relentlessly, as opposed to building to orgasmic climax (the way that many of the best Radiohead and Arcade Fire songs tend to do).

All of Wolfmusic's tunes can be streamed and/or downloaded from this page right [

And would-be wordsmiths are invited to get in touch with him
if interested in striking up a creative collaboration. Wolfmusic, you see, doesn't do lyrics. Like these, courtesy of me, just because why the hell not...

Standing on the corner/Of Sodom and Gomorrah/Waiting for temptation to take me/Someplace I've only ever seen/On cheap motel-room TVs

[MP3] Wolfmusic/"Where I Wanna Be"

[MP3] Wolfmusic/"All the Way Back"

[MP3] Wolfmusic/"Down the Line"


[MP3] Sort Sol/"Holler High"

[MP3] Gordon Lightfoot/"If You Could Read My Mind"

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